Cranberry Cocktails for Thanksgiving

Cranberry Cobbler from Bon Appetit

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Normally, I don’t have cocktails at all on Thanksgiving. (Shocking, right?) But there’s no reason it can’t be a cocktail holiday! In fact, depending on what your family is like, things may go a little better if everyone has a drink or three.
I’m currently experimenting with cranberry cocktails, but before I share my own, here are some I found that sound just perfect:

Cranberry Cobbler ~ Bon Appetit takes fresh cranberries and gin, then fancies it up with a little sherry … very sophisticated.

Cranberry Margarita ~ It’s always the right time for margaritas, and Muy Bueno shows that Thanksgiving is no exception with this recipe using cranberry puree.

Ginger Cosmopolitan ~ The Food Channel shares an easy twist on a classic. You can use bottled cranberry juice or make your own.

Cranberry, Tangerine and Pomegranate Champagne Punch ~ You know you can trust Martha Stewart when it comes to entertaining.

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