DIY Irish Cream: Homemade for the holidays

Always ready to tackle the tough issues, I investigated homemade Irish cream for my DIY vs. Buy column on Serious Eats. And the verdict? DIY delicious! Make this Irish cream already. Put it in tiny bottles with little gift tags and give it to people over the holidays … that is, after you’ve already consumed a ton of it and stashed some away for yourself.

DIY Irish cream tastes richer and fresher than the store-bought kind (though it doesn’t last as long or look quite as uniform.) It’s like the difference between a Chips Ahoy cookie and a freshly baked homemade chocolate chip cookie. Your own batch also will cost you at least 5 dollars less than the packaged stuff.

DIY vs. Buy: Should You Make Your Own Irish Cream? on Serious Eats

Photo by Liam Boylan

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