Hot drinks for Cold Weather

Mexican Hot Chocolate from Food Woolf

Baby, it’s cold outside. Here are some delicious hot cocktails to warm you up. (And sorry for calling you “baby.”)

Mexican Hot Chocolate ~ I was obsessed with Mexican Hot Chocolate for a while, and this Food Woolf version that includes dark rum and maraschino liqueur was my favorite.

Verte Chaud ~ And while we’re on the subject of hot chocolate, it tastes pretty awesome with Green Chartreuse. Fine Cooking shares the totally simple recipe.

Scotch Hot Toddy ~ You don’t need cream or chocolate to have a good time (it’s true!). This variation on the Hot Toddy from Mary Queen of Scots is spicy and a little smokey

Irish Coffee ~ You don’t need to stock any fancy liqueurs to make good old Irish Coffee. This version from Chow sounds just right!

Hot Buttered Bourbon & Cider ~ I love Hot Buttered Rum, and this little twist from Epicurious incorporates something I love more … bourbon!

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