Beautiful Blood Orange Cocktails

Sardinian Blood Orange Mojito from Design Sponge

Blood oranges are in season right now, and their dramatic name matches their dramatic appearance. You know how in the opening of “Dexter” he’s making a murder breakfast and he squeezes orange flesh to death and it oozes out bloody juice? That’s a blood orange. Awesome, no?

Most people go for blood orange cocktails around Halloween, but actually they aren’t in season here in the US until November and December (depending on where they’re grown). So the ones around Halloween aren’t as flavorful, even if they do add a nice color to your drink.

Well here are some cocktails that take that deliciously diabolical fruit and turn it into a cocktail. Summer and Spring get all the credit for beautiful ingredients, but Winter is no slouch. Blood Oranges! Now’s the time!

Blood Orange French 75 ~ Who can say no to a Champagne cocktail? Hint: It’s not me.

Sardinian Blood Orange Mojito ~ I am also a sucker for Mojitos. This one on Design Sponge sounds delightful and looks gorgeous.

Winter White Sangria ~ Summer isn’t the only time for Sangria. This one from Backyard Bartender uses white wine and winter fruits, like pears and blood oranges … and St. Germain elderflower liqueur and pear brandy. Brilliant!

Winter Margarita ~ Infuse some tequila with blood oranges and jalapenos and you’ll make summer jealous of this new Margarita. Garnish with candied jalapenos! Say what? That’s right.

Blood Orange Gin Sparkler ~ This is a light and fresh cocktail from 101 Cookbooks, using sparkling water and rosemary to complement the gin and blood oranges.

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