Valentine’s Day Cocktails

Pink Lady from the Kitchn

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! In the cocktail world, it is also known as “Day of the Really Gross Sugar Bomb Cocktails,” or DotRGSBC. (OK, so I made that up. But the sentiment is true.) There’s nothing wrong with a sweet cocktail if that’s your thing. But on Valentine’s Day it’s hard to find anything that isn’t oozing with chocolate and whipped cream. So I’ve done a little legwork (such a sacrifice, right?) to find tasty Valentine’s cocktails to please a wide variety of tastes.

Here are some cocktails to please your sweetie (and you).

Pink Lady ~ Don’t let the name fool you! This isn’t some frilly number for dames who don’t like booze. It’s gin, applejack, lemon, and a little grenadine plus egg whites and bitters for a nice foamy top … a classic.

French 125 ~ This Champagne cocktail by 12 Bottle Bar is a variation on the French 75 using brandy instead of gin, which is a great substitution for a cozy evening in. (Psst … I also recommend a French 75.)

Midnight Ride ~ Blood oranges are in season (as well as being a romantic shade of red). The White on Rice Couple came up with a tasty variation on the classic Sidecar that uses blood orange juice, along with of course the traditional Cognac.

Averna Buena ~ This is a dry and sophisticated cocktail from Serious Eats “balances a few drops of Godiva chocolate liqueur with the amaro Averna and a hit of reposado tequila.” The result is a hint of delicious chocolate in a smooth and not-at-all-sugary cocktail.

Brandy Alexander ~ If you do want a dessert cocktail, go for this one. It’s creamy and chocolatey but doesn’t venture into the too-much-chocolate overkill zone.

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