Meyer Lemon Cocktails

The Chunnel from Chow

Even though it’s only March, the weather where I live has been sunny and warm! (I’m not bragging … or am I?) The bright days have left me in the mood for bright Spring and Summer cocktails. Since it’s too early for many of the fresh fruits I crave in my drinks, I can turn to winter’s own multi-purpose fruit: Meyer lemons!

Here are some great Meyer lemons drinks to sip in the sun (or as you dream of the sun):

Meyer Lemon Margarita ~ A simple winter-fruit twist on the classic Margarita is perfect for this unseasonably warm weather.

The Chunnel ~ Gin. Elderflower liqueur. Meyer lemon. You simply cannot go wrong here. (Also the recipe comes from Town Hall, one of my favorite restaurants.)

Meyer Lemon Whiskey Sour ~ Meyer lemons add a nice sweet touch to this classic sour.

Meyer Lemon Pisco Sour ~ The lovely egg-foam top on the Pisco Sour makes the drink look fancy and adds a pleasant texture to the drink.

Meyer Lemon Blossom ~ Honey and celery bitters gives this light, Meyer lemon cocktail a garden-fresh flavor.

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