Tales of the Cocktail Spirit Review: Auchentoshan Whisky

I like that Tales of the Cocktail has a sense of humor about the tics and affectations of bartenders, mixologists, liquor industry people, and cocktail enthusiasts in general. (It was no surprise to me that I met two people at Tales who are in this “Mixologist” parody music video that gives self-serious bartenders a good ribbing.) I especially like when this cheekiness is accompanied by a good drink, which it usually is.

If you haven’t noticed, bartenders favor the facial hair, so I got a kick out of the “Whisky & Whiskers” service that Auchentoshan put together. (That’s pronounced “Okken-toshen,” which is super fun to say.) A pedicab whisked people to a fancy-schmancy barbershop for a shave and a whisky. I was about to complain about how gent-centric this was until I discovered that ladies get a massage, a far better accompaniment to whisky, if you ask me.

So a nice fella biked me over to Aiden Gill, then a nice lady gave me a massage and another nice lady gave me some delicious whisky. I stuck with the Auchentoshan 12, which I’ll review at the end of this post. But first more photographs of barbering and drinking!
As far as I know, no barbers were drinking. I could be wrong about that, though everyone was safely shorn without incident. This lad looks happy.
Yeah, yeah, that’s cute, but what about the whisky? (It’s that brown stuff next to the barbicide.)

Auchentoshan is a Lowland single malt scotch that’s triple distilled. If you’re not into the whisky lingo, what that means for your taste buds is that it’s not heavily peated and smokey but is instead smooth and and lightly sweet with a woody flavor. If you’re a bourbon or Irish whiskey lover who normally doesn’t go for scotch, you’ll probably like Auchentoshan. (You’ll also like the price tag, around $35-$40.) But this isn’t to say that it isn’t sufficiently “scotchy.” It’s just not the peat monster that many people have come to associate as scotch’s signature flavor.

Auchentoshan 12 is aged in oak for, well, 12 years. The aroma of honey and nutty wood lead you to a spicy and slightly bitter flavor that’s mixed with light sweetness. It’s a nice whisky you can drink casually. No saving it for years because of the high price tag, but also no compromising on quality.

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