Halloween Cocktails and Punch

Full Moon Punch from Chow

There are plenty of Halloween cocktails and punches that basically taste like candy with sugar on top. Nothing wrong with that, if it’s your jam, but it’s a little harder to find drink recipes for a Halloween party that are more like what you’d order in a bar. Here are some cocktail and punch recipes that keep it spooky without a ton of sugar, artificial coloring, and syrupy liqueurs.

Satan’s Whiskers ~ Sure, it’s all orange and fall looking. But it’s also evil. Evil, I say! Gin, sweet and dry vermouth, orange juice, Grand Marnier, and some orange bitters make for a tasty drink.

The Obituary Cocktail ~ This one is basically a gin martini with a little absinthe. Sounds good doesn’t it? If you use absinthe that’s green, it gives the drink a little bit of a zombie-skin/monster hue.

Great Pumpkin ~ This creamy drink is made with pumpkin ale, applejack, and rye along with an egg and maple syrup. So even if the Great Pumpkin doesn’t appear in your pumpkin patch this year, you won’t mind.

Flaming Tiki Pumpkin Punch ~ A rummy, spiced, Tiki creation served in a pumpkin and then set ablaze? OK, that sounds like a good way to celebrate Halloween.

Full Moon Punch ~ Blood red punch with a little sweetness and spice … and a lot of kick. Sure, it’s spooky. But it’s also a good way to use homemade falernum.

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