Christmas Cocktails

Christmas Cup from Stylist

The Christmas tree is already decorated. Or maybe it isn’t! Either way, you’re going to need some festive holiday drinks to add to the holiday spirit in your home. Here are a few to try.

Poinsettia Cocktail ~ I generally love any drink that involves sparkling wine. This one not only has a Christmas-y name, but it also has a light cranberry and orange flavor we’ve come to associate with the holidays.

Christmas Cup ~ Here’s another sparkler! Cava, cherry brandy, and a little ginger ale combine for a simple but fun holiday cocktail.

Coquito ~ Holidays are also a time for indulgence, and this drink definitely has you covered there. This sweet treat has coconut milk, cream of coconut, and rum–among other delectable ingredients–to give you a rich little sugar boost and egg nog feel without any eggs.

Lamb’s Wool ~ If you want to get warm and cozy for Christmas, this spiced ale with baked apples is just the thing. Replace the ale with cider, and you have another traditional holiday drink known as Wassail.

Hot Buttered Chartreuse ~ While we’re warming up, why not try this herbaceous twist on Hot Buttered Rum. Light the fire, sip on one of these, and wait for Santa.

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