Krug Champagne House

krug-lightsKrug Champagne hosted a special “Krug House” media luncheon (coincidentally) on my birthday. To make it even more birthday-tastic, I was able to bring a guest and they sent a driver to pick us up. He wore a suit and everything.

I didn’t know a lot about Krug, so aside from being able to sip fancy Champagne at a gorgeous house in Portola Valley on my birthday, I also got the chance to try a variety of Krug Champagnes. And I was impressed.


krug-pouringThey started us off with Grand Cuvée—with someone always nearby to make sure our glasses were never empty. This Champagne is a blend of about 120 wines from 10 or more different vintages. It’s very delicate, with a nutty flavor that is balanced with some honey notes.

krug-glassFor a while, we wandered around the grounds sipping, getting a refill, and then sipping some more. There were awesome stick huts designed by Patrick Dougherty that I was tempted to try to live in.


Also: vegetable gardens and chickens! Seriously, we could not get enough of the chickens.
krug-chickensThen it was time for some serious tasting, led by Olivier Krug, who made everything sound better and taste better simply by being French. He’s the sixth generation in the family Champagne business and says charming things like “sipping rosé is like sipping silk.” (The rosé was, indeed, quite silky.)

While everything we sipped was lovely, my favorite by far was the ’89. What really made it stand out for me was how it started off honeyed and citrusy and built to an extremely savory finish with a hint of minerals.  (Sadly, I didn’t get to bring this cart filled with Krug home.)


Of course, we couldn’t have all that Champagne without some food (and the company of the world’s most mellow dog).



krug-dog*Thanks to my friend from Savvy Housekeeping, who was nice enough to take on some of the camera duties so I could hold more Champagne!

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