Art of Auchentoshan

whisky2 Auchentoshan invited me to sample its new offering (American Oak single malt scotch) while working on a fun art project at WorkshopSF. Making things while drinking scotch (bonus: and eating delicious BBQ with fried mac and cheese)? I’m in. I didn’t know what the project would be, although I was pretty sure it wouldn’t involve blow torches or saws while sipping drams of whisky.
whisky1The project was screenprinting (fun, but also alcohol-appropriate). But before I made my first shirt, there was some whisky to try!

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Kentucky Derby Party!


The Kentucky Derby is May 3. If you’re not going to be there in person, it’s still a fantastic excuse to throw a Derby Day party at your house. Here are some ways to get the party started:

  • Cocktails, of course! I would suggest sticking with the traditional (and totally delicious) Mint Julep. However, I’ve gathered some julep recipes from mint to more exotic that are winners.
  • Sweet Tea! There should always be a delicious non-alcoholic drink option, and this one suits the mood.
  • Kentucky Hot Browns! This is basically an open-face turkey sandwich with a bunch of gravy. Very traditional.
  • Biscuits with Ham & Red Pepper Jelly! If gravy sandwiches are either too messy or too heavy for your crowd, this will still satisfy the desire for Southern food in a more hand-holdable, gravy-free way.
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Derby Pie! OK, it basically is, but that name is trademarked by someone who is insane about it, so no one calls it that.
  • Dress up! Even in casual California, a dress and hat for ladies is a must. For gents, there’s always a seersucker suit, or the closest you can get to that. Derby chic, y’all.

Krug Champagne House

krug-lightsKrug Champagne hosted a special “Krug House” media luncheon (coincidentally) on my birthday. To make it even more birthday-tastic, I was able to bring a guest and they sent a driver to pick us up. He wore a suit and everything.

I didn’t know a lot about Krug, so aside from being able to sip fancy Champagne at a gorgeous house in Portola Valley on my birthday, I also got the chance to try a variety of Krug Champagnes. And I was impressed.


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