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For the Media

I’m happy to do interviews and provide recipes with photos. Suggested topics include how to:

  • Create cocktail recipes for entertaining and special occasions, such as holidays and weddings
  • Infuse spirits and make syrups, bitters and garnishes
  • Use seasonal, local ingredients in cocktails
  • Create holiday recipes or homemade cocktail gifts
  • Mix classic cocktails well
  • Try restaurant and bar trends at home
  • Stock a home bar efficiently

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3 thoughts on “Media Info

  1. Hi,

    I stumbled across your roundups a short while ago, and I love how much effort you put into including only the best posts. I know that must take a ton of time.

    I hope it’s not too forward, but I just published an epic post that I think would be great for a future roundup. It’s a 400 word post on a strawberries and cream Wimbledon Cocktail that is incredibly detailed and easily made in essence with the DIY aspect of your page 🙂

    Can I send you a link to the post?

    Best Regards,

    [Your Name]

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