Persimmon Cocktails

Persimmon Sour from Serious Eats

Persimmon Sour from Serious Eats

I love persimmons! However, the persimmon doesn’t get much love. When you’re not eating them, you should be drinking them. With liquor! Why are you not doing this right now? It’s very autumnal. Here are some fall persimmon cocktails to try.

Spice Trade ~ I’m starting off fancy: a genever and persimmon cocktail with an anise and cardamom syrup for depth and sweetness.

Orange-Persimmon Margarita ~ It’s margarita time … only with persimmon added to the mix to give you some fall fruit goodness.

Persimmon Sour ~ Persimmon puree, gin and lime with a little simple syrup is a simple and satisfying fresh cocktail.

Persimmon Rum Spritzer ~ Refreshing and lightly sweet for those fall days that feel a little more like summer (we’ve been having a lot of those where I live).

Persimmon Mojitos ~ Mint and bubbles give the persimmon (and fall) a little oomph.

Cranberry Margarita

cranberrymargaritaIn honor of Thanksgiving, I got together with Savvy Housekeeping for a turkey-day-appropriate cocktail: the Cranberry Margarita! Aside from the gorgeous, deep red color, this drink has a refreshing tartness that is just the thing for a holiday built around heavy savory foods.

We used 100% cranberry juice for that true cranberry pucker. However, if you like things a little sweeter you can either add a little simple syrup (or agave) or you can use sweetened cranberry juice cocktail. Hey, this could even be a job for cran-apple, cran-raspberry, or another cran-juice.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cranberry Margarita

1 1/2 oz cranberry juice
1 oz tequila
1/2 oz triple sec

Shake ingredients over ice, then strain into a cocktail glass. Spear fresh cranberries for garnish.

DIY Liqueurs for Fall

20121116-230136-diycranberryliqueurThe crunch of leaves under my feet. The chill in the air. The desire to cozy up inside with a good drink … or a good project. It’s fall! DIY liqueurs are very easy to make with ordinary ingredients. No special equipment required! Here are a few seasonal cocktail projects that will help you celebrate fall:

DIY Cranberry Liqueur ~ With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you may have a bag of these tart little berries chilling in your fridge already. This liqueur will help you capture that feeling for months to come.

DIY Pumpkin Liqueur ~ Pumpkin pie … in a drinkable format, who could ask for anything more. It’s a surprisingly versatile ingredient that’s great in hot drinks, too.

DIY Honey Liqueur ~ Honey pairs well with the spices and fruits we love to savor during fall. This liqueur is dead simple and delicious.

DIY Allspice Dram ~ Speaking of spice, this allspice liqueur (aka allspice dram or pimento dram) is a staple for Tiki drinks yet also pairs well with apple and pear cocktails. How autumnal!

DIY Pear Liqueur ~ Splash this homemade pear liqueur in some sparkling wine for a quick and elegant cocktail treat. Pears are plentiful this time of year, so you’d better stock up on Champagne, too.

Pear Cocktails

Pear & Bubbles from Spoon Fork Bacon

Pear & Bubbles from Spoon Fork Bacon

Pears are often overlooked for flashier fruits, but it has a delicate flavor that is just right for cozy fall cocktails. They go so well with a variety of spirits, herbs, and spices. Aside from making DIY pear liqueur, here are some other ways to enjoy pears in your drinks this season!

Spiced Pear Punch ~ Roasted pear puree, gin, Cognac, ginger liqueur, and Prosecco? This punch sounds delightful! I will have to have a party just to have an excuse to make it.

Pear & Bubbles ~ Cardamom is another oft-overlooked flavor that I’m always happy to find in my consumables. In this case, it’s paired with pear, cinnamon, brown sugar, and lemon for a festive Champagne cocktail.

Pear Haymaker ~ Vodka, ginger, pears, and lemon combine for a refreshing and clean fall cocktail that you can drink day or night.

Ginger Pear Gimlet ~ Jazz up some gin with pear, ginger, and thyme for a fresh take on a classic.

Spiced Pear Daiquiri ~ Another new twist on a classic, this one uses spiced rum and pears in the simple daiquiri for some autumnal oomph.

Hot Buttered Pumpkin Rum

pumpkinhotbutteredrumNow that it’s finally starting to feel like fall, it’s time to get cozy with some hot drinks. I got together with Savvy Housekeeping to mix up this delightfully autumnal pumpkin variation on Hot Buttered Rum. It has a pleasant spice mix and satisfying consistency, in addition to helping to keep you nice and warm. Use a dark or gold rum for the right flavor.

Hot Buttered Pumpkin Rum

2 tablespoons Pumpkin puree (canned is fine)
1 teaspoon Brown sugar
1 teaspoon Ginger
1 teaspoon Cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon Allspice
1/4 teaspoon Nutmeg
1 tablespoon Butter
2 ounces rum
Hot water (enough to fill the mug)
Cinnamon stick for garnish

Combine the pumpkin and spices in a mug and mix thoroughly so that they are completely integrated. Add the rum. Put the butter on top so it is floating in the rum. Carefully pour hot water over the drink. Stir with a cinnamon stick or spoon.

Photo by Savvy Housekeeping

Maple Syrup Cocktails

Maple Syrup Sours from the Wall Street Journal

Maple Syrup Sours from the Wall Street Journal

In case you can’t tell, I’m obsessed with fall right now. And fall is the perfect time to mix up your cocktail routine by adding a little maple syrup. It’s sweet, but with a slight bitter edge that’s just the thing to add oomph to your drinks. After making an Apple Brown Bourbon cocktail with maple syrup earlier this week, I had to satisfy my desire for more maple goodness! Here are more cocktails featuring maple syrup.

Maple Old Fashioned ~ This fun twist on an Old Fashioned uses dark rum, maple syrup, and a few dashes of bitters.

Cherry Maple Leaf ~ Brandy, Cherry Heering, dry vermouth, and a touch of lemon combine with maple syrup for a warming cocktail.

Fort Washington Flip ~ Applejack, Benedictine, and an egg (with our pal, maple syrup) make for a foam-topped treat.

Bubbly Maple Leaf ~ A simple Champagne cocktail with scotch and lime is a fun way to put maple syrup to work for you.

Maple Syrup Sours ~ A sour is a category of cocktail that combines a spirit, sugar, and citrus. There are three tasty ones in this article: one made with rye, one with applejack, and one with rhum agricole. Plenty of delightful drinks to choose from!

Apple Brown Bourbon Cocktail

Fall is here! I got together with Savvy Housekeeping to celebrate with a cocktail that brings together the seasonal flavors of apple, maple syrup, and ginger in a lightly spiced cocktail. It’s sweet enough to be a treat without veering into sugary territory, thanks to maple syrup. This delicious apple drink made us think of crisp apple desserts.

(‘Tis the season, so here are even more apple cocktails, including one made with gin.)

Apple Brown Bourbon

1 1/2 ounces bourbon
1/2 ounces ginger liqueur (such as Domaine de Canton or a DIY version)
1 ounce apple juice
1/2 ounce maple syrup
1/4 ounce lemon juice

Shake all ingredients with ice, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Photo by Savvy Housekeeping

Apple Cocktails

Sparkling Apple Cocktail from Andrea Meyers

Hurray for Fall! I’ve been saying that a lot lately, but it needs to be said because Fall is wonderful. This is the season for apples, so I’ve rounded up some great apple cocktails. Many use applejack (aka apple brandy), which is a spirit that you should try if you haven’t already. (If you’d like to try more applejack-based cocktails, check out this post.)

Addams’ Apple ~ This is a very autumnal drink indeed, with applejack, apple cider, allspice dram, and a few dashes of orange bitters. If you’ve been playing along at home with some of my DIY drinks projects, you could use homemade allspice dram and DIY orange bitters.

The Sidewalker ~ I love maple syrup in cocktails, so mixing it with applejack, lemon, and apple cider vinegar and then topping off with some wheat beer is a totally intriguing idea to me. Sounds like a good afternoon sipper.

Apple Toddy ~ Possibly the coziest drink in the world, this warm cocktail includes baked apples and your choice of applejack, Cognac, or bourbon. If you don’t have a fireplace, you should probably put one in so you can drink this in front of it.

Sparkling Apple Cocktail ~ Who can say no to a drink made with Cognac, apple, and sparkling wine? The answer is no one, that’s who. Sounds like a Thanksgiving cocktail option to me!

Portero Buck ~ It’s not just about applejack and Cognac this season. This drink combines gin, apple juice, lime, ginger beer, and basil for a unusual but totally addictive Fall cocktail.

Fall Cocktails

Autumn Spice from the Kitchn

It finally feels like Fall around these parts, so it’s time for cocktails that match the season. Here’s to sweaters, crunchy leaves, autumn colors, and drinking!

Pumpkin Old Fashioned ~ You can have this one now, or save it for after Halloween, when you have a lot of pumpkin to use up. Orange, pumpkin, maple syrup, and bourbon blend together for a new take on an old classic.

Autumn Spice ~ Apple and ginger … it doesn’t get much more autumnal than that. This cocktail calls for Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, which is fabulous. But you could also make your own ginger liqueur for the occasion.

Cognac Sparklers ~ Leave it to good old Martha Stewart to develop such a simple yet elegant recipe. Cognac topped with sparkling cider (or hard cider) with a few dashes of bitters—I’ll take one now, please.

Fig Cocktail No. 1 ~ Vodka lovers, you can’t say I don’t take care of you. This one combines figs, lemon, rosemary simple syrup with vodka for a delightful drink to sip on by the fire or as you watch the sunset. (Or really any other time. I am not the boss of you. Though, I wouldn’t recommend drinking it at breakfast.)

Jalisco Pear~ This is how Margarita aficionados drink in Fall. Tequila, allspice dram, and pear liqueur are great together, which was a surprise to me. You can use St. Elizabeth allspice dram, or make your own.