1920s Cocktails

Boardwalk Empire is back on, so you may be inspired to mix up some Prohibition-era cocktails with your hooch. I’ve already rounded up some of my favorite 1920s cocktails here, but there was a lot of drinkin’ going on during America’s “dry” spell. So I found a lot more giggle juice recipes to share. They really are the cat’s pajamas. (If you’re not already using 1920s slang, start now. Don’t be a flat tire! Now you’re on the trolley, sister/mister!)

White Lady ~ Gin was big during bootlegging times, and many people made it in their bathtubs. Don’t do that. Instead, buy some nice gin and add a little Cointreau and lemon for this simple little tipple. It’s the real McCoy!

Southside Cocktail ~ Another refreshing gin cocktail, this time with just a little sugar, mint, and lemon to perk things up. Sounds like a modern drink to me. Nifty!

Clover Club ~ This fizz made with gin, egg white, and raspberry syrup was served at the Clover Club, one of the finest speakeasies. This wasn’t your typical juice joint, as you’d find celebrities and socialites sipping side by side. Ritzy!

Fallen Angel ~ Creme de menthe adds a little minty kick to this classic gin and lime combo. It’s similar to the Southside Cocktail, only with liqueur in place of fresh mint and a dash of bitters. You can even make your own simple creme de menthe for the occasion. Hotsy totsy!

Ward 8 Cocktail ~ Anyone who has seen the goings on of Boardwalk Empire knows that whiskey was big business. So here’s a whiskey drink made with rye, orange juice and grenadine–a popular combination during the ’20s. It’s a little like a whiskey sour, and if you use fresh juice and a quality or homemade grenadine, you’ll be accentuating the spirit and not covering it up. 1920s slang omitted!