Hibiscus Cocktails

hibiscusflashSpring is the perfect time for floral cocktails! Aside from adding a gorgeous fuchsia color to cocktails, hibiscus gives a floral, sweet and tart flavor. Also, hibiscus makes me think of Hawaii—always a good thing. You can use hibiscus tea, flowers soaked in rose syrup, dried flowers … there are many ways to incorporate hibiscus. You can often find it in Latin foods shops under the name jamaica.

Hibiscus Paloma ~ Add a floral touch to the classic grapefruit and tequila cocktail using the syrup from a jar of hibiscus flowers.

Hibiscus Rum Cooler ~ This pitcher cocktail combines hibiscus tea and fresh lemon juice for a tropical (and boozed up) take an Arnold Palmer.

Hibiscus Flash ~ Funky rhum agricole, which is like rum only made with cane sugar instead of molasses, is a good match for the floral sweetness of hibiscus syrup in this drink.

Especiado ~ Dried hibiscus flower and spices mixed with tequila or mezcal make for a deeply flavored punch.

Hibiscus Honey Mint Julep ~ Put a little magic in your julep by adding honey syrup and dried hibiscus flowers.

Floral Cocktails

Elderflower Old Fashioned from Saveur

Elderflower Old Fashioned from Saveur

It isn’t just time for flowers in the garden. It’s also time for flowers in our cocktails! Whether it’s a liqueur, syrup, infusion, or simply a garnish … flowers are where it’s at, man.

Violet Vermouth ~ A low-alcohol, two ingredient cocktail of creme de violette and dry vermouth sounds lovely. Add a violet garnish and you’re good to go.

Garden Elixir ~ Peppery nasturtiums make an intriguing garnish for this gin cocktail that includes cilantro, celery, and apple among its garden ingredients.

Lavender Collins ~ A Tom Collins spruced up with some lavender syrup and Parfait Amour? What’s not to love?

Elderflower Old Fashioned ~ Sub some St. Germain for the sugar in an Old Fashioned for a spring twist on a classic.

Hibiscus & Ginger Champagne Cocktail ~ Ginger and hibiscus flowers (in rosewater syrup) and champagne? Yes, please!

Drink Some Flowers: Floral Cocktail Roundup

Rose Martini from Design Sponge

Now that it’s Spring, gorgeous flowers are popping up everywhere. So why not in your drinks, too? Floral liqueurs like St Germain and creme de violette are great in champagne, but there are plenty of other ways to add some delicate blossoms to your cocktails.

Bichon Frisé ~ You know what sounds delicious? A Greyhound, made with vodka and grapefruit juice, with a little elderflower liqueur.

Hibiscus Tequila Cocktail ~ Hibiscus and tequila are a fun pairing, but the dashes of habanero hot sauce make it a truly intriguing cocktail.

Rose Martini ~ This beautiful cocktail features rosewater and white creme de cacao for an elegant and delicate combination.

Delft Blue ~ A doubly floral drink with elderflower and violet liqueurs, two of the most popular ways to get flowers into cocktails.

Elderflower & Lemon Sparkling Sipper ~ Sparkling wine and elderflower syrup are a can’t-miss pairing that’s great for brunch. You could use an elderflower liqueur, an elderflower syrup from the store (Ikea has one), or make your own elderflower syrup.