St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

Honey Irish Mojito from One Martini

Honey Irish Mojito from One Martini

St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us. If you’re skipping the green beer bar scene for some fun at home, here are some cocktails that will make the evening a good one. One of them is even green (without dye)!

The Emerald ~ This variation on the traditional Manhattan swaps in Irish whiskey for a solid drink you may find yourself mixing when it’s not St. Paddy’s Day.

The Last Word ~ If you’re not an Irish whiskey fan, this gin drink will still get you into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit thanks to its green color. But the green in this classic cocktail comes from Green Chartruese.

Honey Irish Mojito ~ Irish whiskey and honey liqueur give the Mojito an Irish twist. It’s sunny where I am, so this may be my St. Patrick’s Day choice.

Guinness Beer Floats ~ Dessert and drink combined into one Irish package. This sounds like a no-brainer to me.

DIY Irish Cream ~ Making your own Irish cream is easy and delicious. You may never go back to Bailey’s.

More St. Patrick’s Day cocktails

Christmas Cocktails

20121230-231729-diyvsbuy-advocaatMerry Almost-Christmas! Time for some delicious eggnog! Or is it? While I love the stuff, it’s not everyone’s thing. So if you want to celebrate with something that isn’t eggnog, here are some tasty options.

Christmas Cup ~ This light and simple sparkler is made with cherry brandy, ginger ale, and Prosecco. You can keep it flowing as you and yours open gifts or chat.

Lamb’s Wool ~ Christmas is a time where Americans love to do British things. Is this because of Dickens? Colonial traditions? Or just because the English are so damn cozy. This traditional spiced ale is perfect for warming the heart with your loved ones around.

Trinidad Punch ~ Rum, chocolate, vanilla, and coconut milk? Now that’s what I call celebrating. Merry Christmas to me! (Scroll way way down in the post for the recipe.)

Spiced Rum Cider ~ Sip this one as you sing Christmas carols (skipping the rum makes a nice non-alcoholic version for teetotalers and kids).

Advocaat ~ This is the traditional Christmas drink of the Netherlands. Although, it’s actually more like a dessert—egg yolks give a custardy texture that is satisfying to spoon or slurp. What can I say? I like my hoildays eggy.

Punch Recipes for Your Holiday Party

La Patria Punch from Serious Eats

Holiday entertaining means getting out the old punch bowl and filling it up with some cheer! While I still stand by last year’s holiday punch picks, there are so many more delicious and creative ways to get your drink on during the holiday season that I rounded up a few more holiday punches this year, too. Enjoy!

Spiced Persimmon Punch ~ If you’re looking to do something unexpected yet totally appropriate for your holiday punch, this is it. Pear and cranberry usually grab all the fruity attention around the holidays, but persimmons pair just as well with spices … and some brandy and wine. Bonus: Persimmons are pretty!

Sparkling Rum and Pomegranate Punch ~ Tart pomegranate and lime juice balances well with aged Jamaican rum and a splash of orange bitters for a pleasing punch. Keep it cold with a gorgeous pomegranate-and-lime ice block. Festive!

La Patria Punch ~ Cognac, fruit, and sparkling wine. There is no way you can go wrong with that combination. This simple recipe dates back to 1862, so you can feel like you’re a part of history as you dip into the punch bowl one more time.

Hot Gingerbread Punch~ Dark beer + dark rum + lots of spices give = gingerbread flavor. Add a dollop of whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon to turn this hot punch into a drinkable Christmas gift.

Italian Sparkling Citrus Punch ~ With all the holiday buffets and Christmas cookies, this light and refreshing lemon and prosecco punch could be just the thing. Top it off with a few lemon twists as a garnish and it’s time to party.

Christmas Cocktails

Christmas Cup from Stylist

The Christmas tree is already decorated. Or maybe it isn’t! Either way, you’re going to need some festive holiday drinks to add to the holiday spirit in your home. Here are a few to try.

Poinsettia Cocktail ~ I generally love any drink that involves sparkling wine. This one not only has a Christmas-y name, but it also has a light cranberry and orange flavor we’ve come to associate with the holidays.

Christmas Cup ~ Here’s another sparkler! Cava, cherry brandy, and a little ginger ale combine for a simple but fun holiday cocktail.

Coquito ~ Holidays are also a time for indulgence, and this drink definitely has you covered there. This sweet treat has coconut milk, cream of coconut, and rum–among other delectable ingredients–to give you a rich little sugar boost and egg nog feel without any eggs.

Lamb’s Wool ~ If you want to get warm and cozy for Christmas, this spiced ale with baked apples is just the thing. Replace the ale with cider, and you have another traditional holiday drink known as Wassail.

Hot Buttered Chartreuse ~ While we’re warming up, why not try this herbaceous twist on Hot Buttered Rum. Light the fire, sip on one of these, and wait for Santa.

Mixing it up Egg Nog Style

Black Spiced Rum Egg Nog from Design*Sponge

Egg Nog season is heading our way, so it’s best to be prepared. Before you go out and buy a carton of alleged Egg Nog, consider making your own. There are so many fun variations to try! Last year, I rounded up some unusual variations on Egg Nog as well as the traditional recipe. But that doesn’t even begin to cover the big old world of Egg Nogginess. So here’s some more:

Jen Altman’s Black Spiced Rum Egg Nog ~ This is a twist on typical egg nog, using spiced rum and honey to add some more depth to the drink.

Rompope ~ Known as “Mexican Egg Nog,” this drink is creamy and eggy like we need it to be. However, it’s only made with the yolks so it has a more custard-like flavor (and it’s a bit easier to mix up).

Advocaat ~ Continuing the Egg Nog Around the World Tour, this is a Dutch Egg Nog that is actually similar to Rompope. It’s also more of a brandy custard since it uses only the yolks. However, the Dutch version doesn’t include any milk so it’s a bit richer and has a more pudding-like consistency.

Winter in Bowmanville ~ Made with St. Germain elderflower liqueur, scotch, and Calvados, this Egg Nog has a different flavor profile than the usual Egg Nog. The eggs and cream keep it noggy, so you won’t forget that it’s Christmas.

Egg Nog Jelly Shots ~ You can always ditch the drinkable version altogether and make adorable little Egg Nog jellies!