Liam Boylan takes great photos of the cocktails and creations featured in my DIY vs. Buy column. But he actually knows a hell of a lot about liquor and cocktails himself, so I asked him to share one of the drinks he devised.

Like Liam, the Hapatini is part Irish and part Japanese. It’s a good drink for people who love Martini-style cocktails. (And, when I say Martini, I mean drinks that are liquor plus another lower-alcohol-but-still-alcoholic ingredient. I do not mean things like Chocolate Martinis or Appletinis.)

Potcheen is basically Irish white whiskey (often called moonshine). He’s tried a lot of potcheen, so you don’t have to, and says Bunratty‘s sweet and slightly fruity taste make it the best choice for mixing. He used the orange bitters I made, but you could also go with your favorite brand.


2 ounces Bunratty potcheen

1/2 ounce nigori sake

2 dashes orange bitters

lemon twist

Pour liquid ingredients into a mixing glass filled with ice. Stir well and then strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Twist the piece of lemon over the top of the drink, then use as a garnish.

Photo by Liam Boylan, naturally