Halloween Cocktail and Punch Recipes

Mother’s Ruin Punch from Epicurious

If you want to skip the dry ice and food coloring, here are some fun Halloween cocktail and punch recipes that will make you the life (or death? bwahahahaha!) of the party.

Black Cauldron Punch ~ This one takes some effort, but what you get in return is a spooky black punch with complex flavors (thanks to some tea, squid ink and currants).

Hemingway’s Death in the Afternoon ~ This one’s easy … champagne and absinthe. Thank you, Hemingway (or rather, person who named a drink after Hemingway’s work)!

Blood-Red Pomegranate Punch ~ Another simple one. Pomegranate, apple brandy, ginger liqueur and sparkling cider make a gorgeous punch with a little spice.

Mother’s Ruin Punch ~ Champagne punch (yay!) gets a new twist thanks to tea-infusedĀ  vermouth.

Wonderlust ~ There are a few harder-to-fine ingredients, but with a little looking you can wow guests with this impressive midnight blue cocktail.