Flaming Punches

Volcano Bowl Flaming Cocktail

Volcano Bowl Cocktail from Kitchen Riffs

Setting things on fire is a sure way to make sure your party is memorable. These flaming punches are fun to look at as well as fun to drink. The recipes may be elaborate, but they’re also damn impressive. Oh, and be safe and blah blah blah I am not liable for anything you do blah blah. Now on to the fun recipes for setting your booze on fire!

Flaming Skull Punch ~ The classic tiki combination of fruit, spice gets a boost from amaro, an ingredient not usually found in tiki drinks. (Fire and tiki are BFFs, however.)

Flaming Brandy Punch ~ Brandy, wine, citrus and spices just taste better after they’ve been set on fire.

Volcano Bowl ~ This three-rum tiki punch with grapefruit and maple syrup comes from Beachbum Berry so you know it has to be good.

Black Barrel Rum Punch ~ Drink like a pirate! In this case, pirates added maraschino liqueur, citrus and tea to their rum and then torched it. Sounds right to me!

Summer Sangria

Cherry Berry Sangria from 20something cupcakes

It’s patio party weather, so we want to spend our time sipping drinks outside, not stuck behind the bar making them. That’s when our friend sangria comes in handy. All you need is wine, fruit, and a little booze and/or liqueur. Pour it all together, wait, and then drink with friends. Here are some fun ones that are good for summer.

Watermelon and Raspberry Sangria ~ With a white wine base and sweet summer fruit, this one sounds perfect for a hot weekend in the backyard.

Cherry Berry Sangria ~ A rosé (aka pink wine) mixed with summer cherries and berries makes this one pretty as well as tasty. But I bet it would be just as good with a pinot noir or malbec.

Ginger Plum Sangria ~ Another one with pink wine, this time with seasonal plums and a ginger kick.

Negroni Punch ~ Prosecco adds bubbles, while Campari makes it a little more bitter and deep. Sounds like the perfect match for peaches and summer berries.

Lavender Infused Champagne Sangria ~ Sparkling wine infused with lavender along with lychee and peaches … why am I not drinking this right now?