Melon Cocktails

watermelonrumcocktailSummer time is melon time! So find a melon and put it into your cocktails. Here are a few summery melon cocktail recipes to try.

Hendricks & Honeydew ~ It’s basically a gin & tonic with melon … which sounds like a good idea to me! (You can use your favorite gin, but this one is good with a light, floral gin)

Cantaloupe Margarita ~ A blended margarita amped up with the power of cantaloupe. I’m in.

Melon & Mint Mojito ~ This recipe uses honeydew and cantaloupe for extra melon flavor.

Watermelon & Thai Chili ~ Watermelon and a little heat go well together in this rum cocktail.

Minty Melon ~ Honeydew, cucumber, and mint balance well with tequila for a refreshing summer cocktail.

Watermelon Cocktails

watermelonrumcocktailEven though summer isn’t here yet, warm summer weather is. If you’re ready for backyard barbecues, here are some watermelon cocktails perfect for a day in the sun.

Watermelon Fizz ~ Watermelon and gin … a match made in heaven.

Artemisia ~ Tarragon and watermelon are another fun pairing, with the slightly savory herb giving depth to the cocktail.

Watermelon Limoncello Prosecco Slushie ~ The name says it all. I’m ready for this one right now!

Watermelon Tequila Cocktail ~ Blueberries and lime add a little tartness to this fun summer drink.

Watermelon and Thai Chili Cocktail ~ This rum cocktail is refreshing with a bit of a kick.

Photo Courtesy of Brugal

Watermelon and Thai Chili Labor Day Cocktail

It’s almost Labor Day, which means it’s almost time for a watermelon cocktail! I’m a sucker for cocktails that mix watermelon with something spicy. So when Brugal shared this recipe with me, I was more than eager to give it a try. The balance between refreshing and spicy hits the spot. It’s a patio drink for a three-day weekend.

I’m picky about sharing recipes that liquor companies send me, but this one is solid. I got a bottle of Brugal Extra Dry from the company at Tales of the Cocktail, but you can use another light rum if you prefer. (You may want to start with a little less simple syrup and then add more to taste, since Brugal Extra Dry has a little less sweetness to it.)

Lingering Labor Day
Created by Scott Fitzgerald, Mulberry Project NYC

2 ounce light rum (I used Brugal Extra Dry)
1 ounce lime juice
3/4 ounce simple syrup
6 Watermelon chunks
1 Thai chili

Muddle watermelon and chili, then add remaining ingredients. Shake and fine strain over fresh ice, garnish with watermelon.

Photo courtesy of Brugal

Watermelon Cocktails

Summer Hoedown from Chow

Watermelon is an essential part of summer. Essential, I say! It’s also a surprisingly flexible ingredient, pairing well with sweet, spicy, herbal, savory, and bitter flavors. So when you’re slicing up a big old watermelon for a cookout, don’t forget to try one of these unusual watermelon cocktails while you’re at it.

The Merchant’s Wife ~ Watermelon, gin, Aperol, lemon juice, and a splash of club soda combine to make a light and sparkling watermelon cocktail that’s not too sweet.

Watermelon-Cucumber Refresher ~ This is one of the recipes from my book, tested out by the Kitchn. Fresh watermelon and cucumber are a great match to beat the summer heat … with a little boozy help from vodka. As they note, this one works great with tequila, too.

Watermelon Cooler ~ One of the fun things about watermelon is how well it goes with spices and herbs. In this case, a little black pepper and basil gives a little extra something to this gin cocktail.

Watermelon Kicker ~ Watermelon with cayenne and salt? Is there nothing that this refreshing fruit can’t do? Just a wee bit of heat and savoriness brings out the oomph of the tequila.

Summer Hoedown ~ White beer and maraschino liqueur are two more unusual partners for our friend the watermelon, in this intriguing summer drink.